Renewable Energy

It's what we do!


Our objective is the production of renewable energy

In our view only sustainable technology has long term and this is the reason we have chosen to focus on renewable energy: wind, solar and hydro; all natural, renewable and available.

We have been active in the renewable energy field since 2007, starting with the development and construction of the first wind park in Romania, and build on our experience since in order to provide a full range of services from the planning stage to implementation, from the first wind measurement, solar radiation or water debit, to the feed- in of clean energy into the grid.

We ensure efficient renewable power solutions for our clients, which includes high quality standards and strict quality management. We work flexibly and quickly internationally and have experts in all disciplines related to renewable energies.


Baia I
2.75 MW, Romania
  • Commissioned in 8/2007
  • First wind park in Romania
  • Net Capacity Factor: 24%
  • 5,782 MWh p.a. (p50)
  • Nordtank/Nordex/HSW
  • ROE = 4 years
Baia II
5 MW, Romania
  • Development, Construction, Operations
  • Commissioned in 12/2009
  • Net Capacity Factor: 32%
  • 14,000 MWh p.a. (p50)
  • Vestas V90 2MW & 3MW
  • Equity/EU fund
Baia III
12 MW, Romania
  • Commissioned in 6/2011
  • Net Capacity Factor: 32%
  • 33,600 MWh p.a. (p50)
  • Project Financed (50%)
  • Vestas V90 2MW
  • Vestas V90 3MW
15 MW, Romania
  • Commissioning date: 6.2016
  • 43,500 MWh p.a.
  • Project Finance/EU fund
  • Vestas V90 3MW
  • Construction, Financing, Operation
6 MW, Romania
  • Development, Construction, Financing arrangement and operations
  • Commissioned in 7/2011
  • 19,000 MWh p.a. (p50)
  • Project Finance: 78%
  • Vestas V90 2MW
  • Operation and Management activities rendered for first year of operations
10 MW, Romania
  • Development, Construction, financing arrangement
  • Commissioned 1/2013
  • 31,000 MWh p.a. 35.5% CF (p50)
  • Project Finance: 80%
  • Gamesa G90 2MW
Racatau 2.1MW Hydro plant
  • Development, Construction, Operations
  • Net Capacity Factor: 54%
  • 10,000 MWh p.a. (p50)
  • Francis Turbine
  • Commissioned 11/2013
  • 100% Equity Financed